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Active Meditation
Why Active Meditation?
– by Maneesha James
We may understand the need to minimize stress and to unwind...But to sit down for twenty minutes, to close our eyes and attempt to still our incessant thoughts...and restless body...

Rooted in the Earth Returning to Our Roots.
Consciousness must be pushed down to the source, to the roots.
Only then is there the possibility of transformation.
Movement to Still the Bodymind.
...Only then, in a deep catharsis, can you fall down to inactivity and can have a glimpse of the world that is not of activity.
Inner Silence

America Needs Active Methods of Meditation Methods For America
Passive methods cannot help America. They may give a little solace, consolation, but finally they will prove to be like tranquilizers, nothing more.
Meditation: The Good News and the Bad.
Meditation is simply awareness without any effort, an effortless alertness; it does not need any technique.

Beyond the Schizophrenic Self Beyond the Schizophrenic Self.
The feeling, just the feeling that you are one, will dissolve your many anguishes, your many tensions....
Consciousness, Witnessing, and Awareness.
...where we exist is the lowest rank: that is, in unconscious activity. Unconscious activity is the state of our minds.
Consciousness, Witnessing & Awareness

Music CDs for the Active Meditations Music in Meditation.
We have to create great music so that great meditative states become possible. Music is outer meditation: meditation is inner music.
The Three Keys.
If you become an enemy of the energies within yourself, then you can never become master of them. You can never win without love and friendship.
Three Keys to Living

Every Dependency is a Slavery The Issue of Dependency.
Every dependence is a slavery. That's why I cannot say to you, "Just follow me."
Uncivilizing Yourself.
You have become so civilized that first your civilization has to be taken out of you.
Uncivilizing Yourself

One Method Suits All One Method Suits All.
I have tried to devise methods that can be used by all three types. Much of the body is used in them, much of the heart and much intelligence.
Trying to be a Buddha Can Drive You Barmy.
I never tell people to begin with just sitting. Otherwise you will begin to feel many things unnecessarily... things that are not there.
Trying to Become a Buddha Can Drive You Barmy

Meditation or Mind Fluff? Meditation...or Mind Fluff?
Q: Lots of times when I'm meditating, I get scientific information more advanced than what we have here.
I see things like UFOs and new sources of power, and many things like this that come through all the time.

The Discovery of the Active Meditations.
Someone has asked, "Osho, I have three questions to ask you. How did you discover Kundalini meditation?"
The first question. Simple: Meditating down by the river on a hill of red ants!
The second: "And Dynamic?"
That is even simpler. It was almost impossible not to discover it. I came upon it driving on Indian roads in Indian cars!
And third: "What about Nadabrahma?"...

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