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     One should live as a total, organic unity.
    The whole body should be reclaimed.
     Because through the feet you are in touch with the earth – you are grounded – if you lose your legs and their strength and they become dead limbs, you are no longer rooted in the earth. You are like a tree whose roots have become dead or rotten, weak; then the tree cannot live long, and cannot live healthy, fully, wholly. Your feet need to be rooted in the earth; they are your roots.

     This grounding has been lost. People have become uprooted; they are no longer grounded. And then they cannot live, because life belongs to the whole organism, not only to the head. Your whole body has become just a mechanical thing; only your head is alive. That's why so many dreams, so much thinking, so much traffic in the head. People come and say to me, "How to stop it?"
     The problem is not how to stop it. The problem is how to disperse it into the whole body. Of course it is too crowded because the whole energy is there – and it is not meant to carry that much energy, so you go crazy, you go cuckoo.

     Insanity is a disease produced by our culture; it is a cultural disease. There have existed on earth a few cultures, primitive, where madmen were not known at all, where insanity has not existed at all. And you can watch it: even now, in societies which are not economically very prosperous, where the calamity of universal education has not happened yet, where people are still not just in their heads but in other parts also – maybe fragmentary, but still somewhere a pool of energy, in the feet, a pool of energy in the belly…maybe not connected, disconnected pools, but still somewhere energy is dispersed, spread all over, well distributed – insanity rarely happens. The more head-oriented a society becomes, the more insanity.
     It is as if in a hundred-and-ten volt wire you are trying to force a thousand-volt current: everything will go berserk. The head needs little energy to function well. Too much energy in the head – then it continues working, it knows no end, because how to dissipate that energy? It goes on thinking and thinking and thinking, and dreaming and dreaming. Day and night, year in, year out it goes on and on for seventy years. Just think. Only this much is your life.
     Live, move all over the body.
     Accept it with deep love.
     Almost fall in love with your body.
     It is a divine gift, a temple where the divine has decided to reside.

Osho Yoga: The Alpha and Omega

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