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Chaotic Methods For Chaotic Times
Chaotic Methods For Chaotic Times

I have been trying to meditation for a long time, but I am not getting any clear results. What's wrong with me?

     There can be many reasons. It may be that the meditation method you are using is wrong or that the way in which you are practicing it is wrong. Or it may be that neither the method nor the way you are practicing it is wrong, but the unconscious longing behind the method is wrong. Then the unconscious must be changed.
     If you have been using a method for many years and only getting shallow results, change the method. There are so many methods of meditation that one should not cling to only one method. There may be nothing wrong with the method, but as far as you are concerned it may be wrong.
     So change the method. Change is always helpful. If one becomes accustomed to a method, the experiences one has through it will be shallow. And when nothing new is happening but you go on repeating the method as a routine you will never achieve anything through it; nothing significant can be achieved.

     My method of Dynamic Meditation is such that it can never become a routine. It is so disorderly and chaotic that you can never make a routine out of it. Methods of meditation with a disciplined and orderly system behind them always become routine. You must use a chaotic method so that you are never settled in it. Then it will always remain new, with something new to be faced each day.
     The method I have been talking to you about, Dynamic Meditation, will help you because it is chaotic. No disciplined method can be helpful to the modern mind, because the modern mind is basically chaotic, it is constantly changing.
     The old mind was an unchanging, fixed mind. A person was always settled. Two centuries ago a person who was born a Christian would die a Christian. Today it is not so: a person born a Christian may become a Hindu. Everything has become chaotic. The childhood mind of a person is one thing; his mind during youth may be something else. One day he may be a communist and at a later date he may go to the Himalayas to meditate.
     Today's mind is not fixed; it is in chaos. So all the old methods, which were meant for fixed minds, are out of date. For the chaotic mind, a chaotic method is needed; only then can you be led into deeper realms. Otherwise, the results are bound to be shallow. Once you settle into a technique you become bored with it, and if you go on prolonging your practice, it will be suicidal. Don't continue to practice a technique that is not helping you. The method is for you, not you for the method. If something is not working for you, change it.
     Practice Dynamic Meditation and awareness of breathing. In a very short time you will feel the change that is happening inside you. But you need a chaotic method…one that will not become routine.

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