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Finding the Center of the Cyclone
Finding the Center of the Cyclone

     Dynamic meditation is a contradiction.
     Dynamic means effort, much effort, absolute effort, and meditation means silence, no effort, no activity.
     You can call it a dialectical meditation.

     Be so active that the whole energy becomes a movement, no energy is left static in you. The whole energy has been called forth; nothing is left behind. All the frozen parts of energy are melting, flowing. You are not a frozen thing now; you have become dynamic. You are not like substance now; you are more like energy. You are not material; you have become electrical. Bring total energy to work, to be active, moving.
     When everything is moving and you have become a cyclone, then become alert.
Remember, be mindful – and in this cyclone suddenly you will find a center which is absolutely silent.
     This is the center of the cyclone.
     This is you – you in your divinity, you as a god.

     All around you is activity. Your body has become an active cyclone: everything moving fast, faster. All the frozen parts have melted, you are flowing. You have become a volcano, fire, electricity. But just in the center, amidst all this movement, there is a non-moving point, the still point.

     This still point is not to be created; it is there!
     You are not to do anything about it.
     It has always been there.
     It is your very being, the very ground of your being.

Osho My Way: The Way of the White Clouds

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