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Diverting the Mind's Fuel Supply
Diverting the Mind's Fuel Supply

     Take the total energy of your body and mind as the beginning.
     Let you total bodymind energy be involved in it. Make it so active – let your body energy, your mind energy becomes so active, so active at the peak – that thoughts dissolve, because thoughts cannot exist at the peak. When your energy is moving vigorously, thoughts are thrown out. Even in ordinary things: if you are running fast, you cannot think. Try it! Go on round and round, running fast. You cannot think, because the whole energy is absorbed by running, and thoughts cannot get energy.
     We are aware – we may not have understood – that when you have eaten much, you cannot think; that's why you feel sleepy. If you have eaten much you begin to feel sleepy. Why? How is the food concerned with your thinking and sleep? You cannot think; the energy is taken by your stomach. Now the stomach needs energy, and the energy is withdrawn from the mind, so the mind cannot think. Too much eating will create a very mediocre mind; it cannot think. So thinkers have always been, in many ways, good fasters. They can fast, because the moment you fast the stomach needs no energy, and then the energy can be given to the mind and the mind can think.

     So, as far I am concerned, my method is to let your energy work so totally that mind is devoid of energy.
     This morning meditation uses this technique. Ten minutes of fast breathing: your mind just cannot get any energy. And fast breathing gives your blood more oxygen. The blood begins to run more quickly, your body electricity is helped by oxygen; it begins to be active. Then ten minutes' jumping, crying, laughing – just going mad – gives your total energy an outlet. The mind cannot get anything out of it; thoughts are dropped.
     Then using "Hoo" …not as a word but as a sound, remember. Hoo is not to be used as a word. It is meaningless, it is just a sound, a mad sound with no meaning. Then using this Hoo, the more vigorously you use it, the more it hammers the kundalini. It hammers the kundalini; it goes down to the very sex center and hammers.
     This Hoo is to be used as a hammering, not as a mantra; it is a hammering, just a device.
     Now when your energy is in a climax, at the peak, this Hoo hammers the kundalini and the kundalini begins to go up. When it begins to go up, the kundalini needs your total energy, and mind cannot function at all. Total energy is now on a new route – the route is kundalini. First you have to make it alert and creative…alive. Then you have to force it into the kundalini route. This Hoo helps to hammer it and to force it through the backbone, upwards; then the kundalini moves. Once the kundalini begins to move, your mind cannot get any energy to think.

     One thing more: no-thought can be achieved in another way also – that is unconsciousness. You can become unconscious; then there is no thought. But then there is no consciousness also. So one can hypnotize oneself into unconsciousness. That gives you a feeling as if you have achieved meditation; you have not, so don't fall into a sleep!

     But this meditation will not allow you to fall in a sleep. Such vigorous movement of body energy for thirty minutes will not allow you to drop into sleep; otherwise, many meditators feel that whenever they begin to make any japa – "ram nam" et cetera – they begin to feel sleepy, they begin to doze, feel drowsy. That too is a hindrance. If you begin to feel drowsy, if you begin to feel sleepy, and if you become unconscious, then nothing is achieved…except a deep sleep. It is good for health but nothing of meditation is achieved. It is relaxing, it is refreshing, but only for the body; nothing of consciousness is achieved.

     That's why I insist so much on this violent meditation, not on silent meditation.

Through silent meditation also the ultimate can be achieved, but sleep comes as a barrier. With this violent, active meditation, sleep is not a barrier at all. It cannot come. It cannot come; at least for ten or fifteen minutes after the exercise sleep is impossible. You remain conscious and alert, with a no-thought mind. In this, meditation can happen; this is just a situation.
     You cannot force meditation, you can only create the situation. And if the situation is created rightly, then meditation happens automatically.

Osho That Art Thou

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