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Choosing Your Method
Choosing Your Method

I like all the meditation techniques I've tried. Sometimes I just sit quietly doing nothing: I felt that there's nobody inside.
Which methods should I continue regularly?

     You can continue that sitting silently doing nothing for at least one hour every day. And choose one active one – Dynamic will do. In the morning you do the Dynamic, in the evening you do the silent one, and that will be enough.
     Both are needed to give you a balance, because man has two sides, active and passive. If one simply meditates actively then the passive side remains undernourished. And if one meditates only passively then the active side remains undernourished, and that creates a lopsidedness.
     Man has to become whole, and the wholeness is possible only through balancing.
     Your feminine, your masculine, your yin and your yang, should both be nourished. So one active meditation will do – Dynamic or Kundalini or dancing…anything, but one.
     Then stick to it, don't change it every day…because if you don't stick to one method you will never go into depth.
     It is as if you want to dig a well but you dig here one day, another day somewhere else, the third day some other place. You will destroy the whole land but there will never be any well. You have to stick to one spot and go on digging. Howsoever long it takes, one thing is certain, that one day or other you will come to the source of water that is there.
     Choose a single method, one for active and one for passive. Your passive method is perfectly good. That's what real zazen is: just sitting, feeling you are nobody, a nothingness, a silence, an absence.
     Relax into that absence. Disappear into that completely, not even leaving a trace behind. That is good for your feminine side. It will give you fifty percent of meditation; fifty percent more will be needed. That has to come out of Sufi dancing, Nataraj, Kundalini or Dynamic, or anything else done very actively. Then one grows in a very balanced way.

Osho The Sacred Yes

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