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Resurrecting Unlived Energies
Resurrecting Unlived Energies

I have too much sexual energy burning within my body. When I dance, sometime I feel as if I am going to kill the whole world, and at some stages, so much anger and violence bubbles within my body that I can't channel it into meditation and it drives me crazy. I don't wish to go into sex. Please tell me how to make creative use of this energy.

     The problem is created by the mind, not by the energy. Listen to the energy. It is showing you the right direction. It is not sexual energy that is creating the problem; it has never created any problems in the animals, in the trees, in the birds. The energy creates problems because your mind has a wrong attitude about it.
     This question is from an Indian lady. In India the whole upbringing is against sex. Then you create the problem. And then, whenever there is energy you will feel sexual because something is incomplete within you. Something that is unfulfilled will always wait and it will assert energy, exploit energy.
     In the dynamic methods of meditation much energy is created. Many hidden sources are tapped and new sources become available.
     If sex has remained an unfulfilled desire then this energy will start moving towards sex. You will become more and more sexual if you meditate.

Osho Dang Dang Doko Dang

     Nobody's sexual energy is flowing as it should, so it creates many problems.
     If the sexual energy is flowing perfectly well then everything hums rightly, everything remains in accord. Then you are simply in tune, vibrating, and there is a kind of equilibrium. Once the sexual energy is getting stuck somewhere there are repercussions all over the body. And naturally they will come first into the head, because sex is one pole and the head is another pole – it is a polarity.
     That's why people who are too heady start losing track of their orgasmic qualities. People who are too heady forget about their sexual energies; they are neglected. If not repressed, they are neglected; otherwise they are repressed. They remain in their head; their whole joy is there. Their whole body suffers and the head becomes like a dictator.
     The society has emphasized sexual repression for this reason too, because if energies are repressed at the sex center the head becomes powerful. These two centers are competitors: if sex is powerful, the head remains impotent; if the head becomes powerful, sex becomes impotent. These are like the two sides of your being – and they are always in conflict.
     So, the society wants the head because it can be used for many things; it is very useful and sex is very useless. It may make the person joyful but it has no social use. In fact a joyful person is too dangerous to the society, because he does not bother about the society, he does not listen to the ambitious goals that the society goes on proposing: to earn more money, be successful, become a chief minister or a prime minister. A really sexually healthy person does not bother a bit about all this nonsense because he is so happy; why should he become a prime minister? For what? Nothing more can be added to him.

Osho Far Beyond the Stars

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