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Accessing Our Supersenses
Active Meditation in the Business World
Active Meditation in Education
Active Meditation in Government Departments
Active Meditation in the Health Care Industry
Active Meditation in Monasteries
Active Meditation in Prisons
Active Meditation in Sport
Active Meditation in Transport Systems
The Alchemy of Embracing Opposites
Allowing the Joy
Are We On the Same Wavelength?
Are Heart Attacks Hate Attacks?
Asanas and Catharsis
Authentic and Imposed Asanas
Better Than Gym
Beware the Psychic Pitfall
Beyond the Schizophrenic Self
Bio-feedback: A Shortcut to Meditation?
The Birth of Metapsychology
Breath and Kundalini
Catharsis of a Different Kind
The Center of the Cyclone
Chaotic Methods for Chaotic Times
Choosing Your Method
Co-Leading the 21-Day Dynamic Meditation Event
Consciousness, Witnessing, and Awareness
Creating Discontinuity
A Cure For Insomnia
Dancing Yogis
Dead Men Can't Try to Relax
A Dialog About Breath
Diamond Days
A Different Life For the Unemployed
Discipline Meets Play: Yoga and the Active Methods
Discovering New Layers of Who I Am
The Discovery of the Active Meditations
Diverting the Mind's Fuel Supply
Doing Time as Meditation
The Door to Meditation
Driving Madness Up the Wall
Dynamic and Different Energy Types
Dynamic Meditation as a Mirror: A Study in Self-Esteem
Dynamic Meditation Helps Release Pent Up Emotions
Dynamic Meditation: Sport Transformed
Dynamic Spreads Across the Fatherland... and Beyond
Dynamic: Detergent for the Soul
The Effects of Meditation on Anxiety
Emphasizing Exhalation
Explorations in Meditation
The Fear of Really Going For It
Feedback from Yoga Practitioners
Free Inside: A Meditation Course in Jail
From Sex to the Sublime
The Future Psychotherapy
Gapped Out
Generic Anger
Getting Back The Juice
Getting Real
Getting to Know Me
The Global Dynamic Event: Individual Feedback
The Great Inscape
The Guest
Hatha Yoga in 21st Century Living
Healing the Split
Health Care Changed Forever
The Heart of the Matter
How the Physician Heals Herself
Humanistic Therapies: The Missing Ingredient
The Icing on the Cake
Immersed In the Eternal Now
Inner Watcher...or Spectator?
In Search of the Stillpoint
The Inside Story: Prisoners' Feedback
Instructions for Stage 1 of Dynamic
Instructions for Stage 2 of Dynamic
Instructions for Stage 3 of Dynamic
Instructions for Stage 4 of Dynamic
Instructions for Stage 5 of Dynamic
Intensity: Entrance to the Unknown
Inviting Chaos
The Issue of Dependency
A Job to Jump Out of Bed For
Keeping Families Fit
Kick-Starting Your Transformation
Kindling Your Kundalini
Kirlian Photography: An Interview
Let's Wake Up Together
Letting the Inner Gorilla Loose
Listen to Your Body
Living In the Vertical Reality
Lively Up Yourself
Losing My Emotional Luggage
Meditation as an Aid to Self-Diagnosis
Meditation as Medication?
Meditation for a Healthy Heart
Meditation Goes To School
Meditation: The Best Medication
Meditation Improves Immune System Function: Study
Meditation Makes the Bus Rides Safer
Meditation Mapped in Monks
Meditation...or Mind Fluff?
Meditation: Catharsis and Celebrative Dance
Meditation: The Good News and the Bad
Meditation May Improve the Life of the Chronically
Methods for America
More Energy, Better Sleep
Movement to Still the Bodymind
Moving Towards Stillness
A Multi-Level Impact
Music in Meditation
The Need to Unfreeze
New Methods for New Minds
No Thoughts, Only Pure Awareness
Not-the-Body Experiences
Of Cats and Consciousness
One Method Suits All
On the Trail of Transcendental Meditation
Optimizing Your Dynamic Meditation Practice
Osho Yoga
Out of Control
Oxygen and Awareness
Passionately Involved with the Ordinary
The Point of No Return
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Meditator
A Powerful Tool
Preparing for the Inner Explosion
Prison: A Lesson in Inner Freedom
Putting the Mind in Its Place
Reclaiming the Body
Reich Revisited
Relax, and Let Your Worries Go
Removing the Barrier to Joy
Restoring Our Lost Integrity
Resurrecting Unlived Energy
Returning to Our Roots
Rewinding Our Biological Clocks
Saying "Om" Before Surgery
Shaking the Inner Snake Awake
A Silence That Can Dance
Silence: Energy Food For Fast-Laners
Some Effects of Dynamic Meditation
Soul Massage for Restless Movers
Soul Searchers On the Crest of Yoga's Wave
The Source of Creativity
Spiritual Aerobics
Stepping Out of the Circle
The Stop!
The Third Millenium
Talking With Michael Ende
Three Keys To Living
Tihar Prisoners Release Inner Cyclone
TM: Meditation or Sedation?
Today's Way to Transcend World's Woes
Towards an Unconditioned Mind
The Transcendental
True Health: Returning to Our Center
Trying to Be a Buddha Can Drive You Barmy
The Ultimate Energizer
Uncivilizing Your Self
Using Sound in Meditation
Vipassana: The Essential Meditation
Want to Improve Your Sex Life?
What's There to Celebrate?
What to Do with Distractions
When Are We Done With Catharsis?
Where Yoga and Buddha Meet Osho
Why "Hoo," and Not "Aum"?
Why Meditate So Early?
Why the Pain?
A Workable Synthesis
Write On!
Yoga: Putting Perfume on a Dirty Dog

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