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Talking With Michael Ende

The late Michael Ende, German author of The Never-Ending Story, was interviewed in February 1996 at his home in Tuscany, Italy by Osho Times International. What follows is a small extract....

     There is neither an objective world nor a subjective one; there is only one whole universe. That's exactly what is taught by Buddhism: you are both – the one who perceives the world and the world you perceive.
     I also see the possibility to discover other worlds. In fact, my feeling is that when mystics talk about "other worlds" they mean other levels of consciousness.

Are you saying that many levels of consciousness create many levels of truth, different visions of the world surrounding us?

     Exactly. Different techniques and schools developed by different people, in accordance with their needs, gifts and vision.
     When a Japanese is doing kyudo, he uses a technique suitable to his time and culture. When an Indian is doing hatha yoga, it fits with his culture.
     That's why, for me, a European should not use only the Eastern techniques. And that's why I like Osho: he understands that the thousands of techniques developed in India are not enough for the modern Western man, and so he creates new techniques for the man of the 20th century....

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