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Laying bare large areas of the unconscious mind A Powerful Tool

Dr Joachim Galuska runs Fachlinik Heiligenfeld, a psychiatric sanatorium with a holistic approach, in Germany. From its inception in 1990, his clinic has used Osho's meditations.

Dynamic is one of the most powerful techniques I know. It lays bare large areas of the unconscious mind. Therefore it needs to be done in a supportive context, particularly in the beginning. Later on, one can do it on one's own as well.
Dynamic is excellent for fairly mature, normally neurotic personalities; people like that should experiment with it and see what it does for them. Borderliners or psychotic personalities, however, may be overtaxed. It is precisely because it is such a powerful tool that doctors should look to whom they recommend it.
I recommend Kundalini meditation even to patients with heavy psychotic disturbances.
It's a trademark of all of Osho's meditations that they mobilize the body's energy system, and Kundalini allows that to happen in a far softer and more harmonious way.

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