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Restoring Our Lost Integrity

A medical doctor, and meditator of twenty-five years, for the past ten years Italian doctor Federico Montecucco's particular interest has been centered on making the process of human evolution accessible to the scientific mind. He established the "Academy For Science, Art and Consciousness," and set up a community called Villaggio Globale (Global Village) in Bagni Di Lucca in Tuscany, Italy, to create a place for planetary consciousness. Here, working with a group of meditators, he pursues his research.

     The following is extracted from an interview/article conducted with him....

     Dynamic Meditation is one of the most scientific methods to heal and to create integrity between the three parts of the body – the body, mind and heart – and between the three brains.
     The first stage of the method, "fire" breathing, works on the reptilian brain, allowing us to break free of the control of the higher brain. So emotions and instincts are freed up.
     The second stage, catharsis, works on the mammalian brain, by cleaning the blocked emotions and freeing old mental memories and shocks.
     In the third stage, of jumping and hammering the first chakra with sound, you move the energy up to the high part of the body, and by so doing return to a deep sense of integrity. You can get to a point when you are jumping totally effortlessly for fifteen minutes.
     According to the system of acupuncture, there are several energy points in the soles of the feet that are very important. We discovered through our machines that by impacting the soles of the feet – as you do in the third stage – you positively impact the brain, hence the significance of landing on the flat of the feet, including the heel.
     By the fourth stage – of stopping suddenly and remaining as if frozen – the whole system is already in a deep unity and the energy moves freely through all the body. You are no longer fragmented but have a fluid being. This is the base ground from which you can go into the experience of yourself. As Osho has said, all the other stages are preparatory: this is the point at which meditation can be experienced.
     Most of the Osho meditations are structured like this. They are incredibly scientific, the inspiration of a genius.
     As far as I know nothing like this has existed before...something so methodically and scientifically thought through, so condensed into the space of one hour and so contemporary in its structure."

Frederico Montecucco is a member of the meditationresearch.com team
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Dr Frederico Montecucco

Dr Frederico Montecucco
Physician and Researcher

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